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Fusion - Cinematic

The purpose of this project was to make the intro cinematic for the game project of the last promotion of the school. The cinematic was made in UE4 with the Sequencer. Full real time.

From the pre-production to the production .

For this project we were 12 students ( 8 Environment Artists and 4 Animator) during 8 weeks
With my colleague we were in charge of the Jungle part, from the research, the modeling, the texturing, level build and lighting.
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Rachid iyarmen springue4jam x 1200x630
Rachid iyarmen spring ue4jam

"Fusion" - Cinématic

Rachid iyarmen highresscreenshot00001

For the jungle we wanted to give a fairy look with some punchy color

Rachid iyarmen sequence 03 0119

The invasion. Get a more darker lighting to contrast with the fairy one.

Rachid iyarmen capture all assets

All Jungle assets produced for the Jungle

Rachid iyarmen moss capture

Moss Substance used

Rachid iyarmen rock capture

Rock Substance used

Rachid iyarmen palm capture

Palm Substance used